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Sponsored Post : Wemaforex Review(Make At Least 120,000 Profit in 20 Days Zero Risk)

wema forext

A lot of people make money online through forex trade and at the same time lot of people have lost everything on forex trade.

The smarter you are the more money you make …100% profit no risk ..

A lot of people are using wemaforext and people around will call them internet fraudster (yahoo yahoo)

Because they stay indoor and they remain cool and fresh every time…

I will soon show you how to make at least 120,000 Naira on Wemaforex with no risk in 20 days

Kindly note that this is a sponsored post

All you need to do is invest in WemaForex and leave the rest to them.

They would do the trading on your behalf and pay you certain profits in 20 days time. Including your capital.

WemaForex is legit, licensed and insured. You can verify their registration status with this link https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11170982.

How WemaForex Works

Please read the following steps carefully to understand how it works.

  1. After registering. By clicking on https://wemaforex.com/online/register.php?ref_sn=1020 to register.
  2. Sign in to your dashboard and go through the plans available to invest in.
  3. After deciding on the plan to invest in, simply move down your dashboard until you see a GREEN button. Above the green button is space where you are to enter the amount you which to invest and click the green button to submit your investment request. If your investment request was successful, you should see a successful message that will appear.
  4. Wait for the system to send you a bank account attached to one of our top traders from our trading pool. Please note that all Bank Accounts from us are directly from us and not a third party.

Make payment and contact us to inform us about the payment so that your payment will be verified and your investment will start running.

Your profits will be accumulating every 24 hours. You can view that on the “Balances” tab at the top of your dashboard.

In 20 days time, The benefits meant for your plan plus your capital will be sent to the Bank Account you provided during registration. Please make sure the account details provided is correct. You may contact us for editing should the need arises. After receiving payment, go through another investment if your experience with us was satisfactory which we certainly believe will.

How WemaForex Refer Works

Note that you do not need to refer anyone to get paid but if you wish to refer people, Invite them using your affiliate link so that you can receive 10% of all their trades with us. Your referral link can be found at the “PROFILE” tab.

If there is anything not clear, please don’t hesitate to chat with the LIVE CHAT on the official website.

WemaForext Plans


Baby Plan:
Minimum = N10,000 Maximum = N999,000
Profit in 20 days = 20%
Example = Invest N100,000 and get N120,000.

Classic Plan:
Minimum = N1,000,000 Maximum = N9,999,000. Profit in 20 days = 25% Example = Invest N1,000,000 and get N1,250,000.

V.I.P Plan:
Minimum = N10,000,000 Maximum = N49,999,000 Profit in 20 days = 30% Example = Invest N10,000,000 and get N13,000,000.

V.V.I.P Plan:
Minimum = N50,000,000 Maximum = N100,000,000 Profit in 20 days = 20%. Example = Invest N50,000,000 and get N70,000,000.

We also did our background investigation about the security of the website and was found to be 100% secured with SSL and the website domain will last till 2023.

That’s a lot to prove they are going to be in operation for a long time.

Wemaforex.com also has a signed memorandum of understanding for those requesting it.

WemaForex Payment proof

Below, you will find some proof of payment from one of the investors in the website.

wemaforestproof  of payment

Invest where you will see your money growing fast and cashout fast..

Invest with WemaForext

Note.. This is a sponsored post…


  1. They are not well known but they are real. I registered in December and I gotten my payment. They should start paying referrer bonus separately.


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