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Auto Loan: Powerful Secrets And What You Need To Know About It

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 We will be discussing Auto loans, the powerful secret that we need to know, and things we need to do before purchasing a vehicle or truck. It is very important to know the process of how to get the best auto loan.

Getting the right and best loan can save you from a lot of challenges and save you from spending much. It’s necessary we make the right decision on how we get our auto loan.

What Is Auto Loan

An auto loan is a type of financing that helps you to purchase a car or truck by borrowing money from someone else. There is an agreement between both parties on how to pay the money back, the loan payment will be fixed Instalmentally and you will be given a period of time to complete the payment also an interest rate will be added to the money that was borrowed

Auto Loan Terms To Know

When using an auto loan to purchase a car or truck it is important to know the term of this loan. Understanding these terms will help you understand the product and also what you will be signing in off on. Here are some  terms you need to know and understand:

  • Interest Rate: This is the additional money added to the initial money from the lender which will be paid with the loan on the same period given to you.
  • APR: Annual percentage rate is the total cost of the money borrowed, including the loan’s interest rate and other fees charged by the lender. It is essential you check the APR and interest loan when comparing where to get a loan.
  • Down Payment: This is the amount you pay down to the seller in cash it is an upfront payment, The higher your upfront payment the better for you.
  • Loan Payment Period: This refers to the time the lender will be giving you to repay the loan, the loan amount will depend on how you are going to pay the loan.
  • Prepayment Penalty: If the loan is paid before the given period of time, some lenders will charge for a prepayment penalty. This should be part of what you check before signing any contract with anyone.
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Top 5 Secret Tricks To Avoid

Some car dealers may want to play tricks on you, but as an informed customer it is advisable to be prepared for a situation whereby the salesperson is full of tricks here are ways to avoid these tricks:

1. The Credit Swindle

The dealer may tell you that you are not qualified for the competitive rate, and the sales rep will suggest that your credit is worse, meanwhile, your not qualifying for the competitive rate might be correct.

What to do: Get preapproval from an auto loan so you don’t need to depend on dealership financing.

2. The Payment Tactics

The finance team might bring out a very comfortable monthly payment, the one you can easily be qualified for. In more cases, the salesperson might have stretched the period term of the auto loan to 74 months.

What To Do: Your focus is to be on the price of the vehicle, not the monthly payment, and make sure that your negotiation of price Is the full cost of the car before dropping your upfront payment.


3. Spot Delivering Financing

Customers get calls from some dealers after some days of signing a purchase agreement they call to tell them that their financing fell through, This call is a scam, it is to allow you to sign a loan contract that an interest rate is higher.

What To Do: Make sure you sign all the necessary details of the contract before like the showroom and confirm your approval for financing the dealer’s offer.

4. Bait And Switch

Dealers might use conny strategies to get to a customer on this, this happens when a customer is only searching for a particular car then the dealer was able to convince the customer to another type of car which might be higher.

What To Do: Make your research on what you want them to stick to that one. If the dealer does not have the one you want you can visit another dealer.

5. The Holdback

Manufacturers give cash to the dealer most times this cash is called incentives, this is to encourage the dealers to push the business forward. It is not mentioned in the advertisement.

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What To Do: It is not wrong for you to ask and search the factory of the car you are considering.


In conclusion, before accepting or signing any contract auto loan customers need to consider the terms of the company and have to be very careful with the dealers handling the products.

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