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NNU Income Program Review A to Z Guide:Before Invest 60+ Must Know Points


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Hi Money Making Crew, I have A to Z guide on NNU Income Program for you today and also in this guide I will disclose 100 Must Know points too! Note: P1 is First Point and so on!

I promise not to waste your precious time!!! Promise!!! LOL!!!! {P1}

Although am going to be disclosing these points while discussing the program but don’t worry I will be pointing them out for you! {P2}

NNU income program is 100% legit financial empowerment in Nigeria {P3}.

Before diving into anything am going to be making use of some abbreviations so I will love you to always be on the same page with me! Check this abbreviations out , NNU = Nigerian News Update , NAP = NNU Affiliate program , NIPers = NNU Income program members , NIP = NNU Income program, P = Points and  NARS = NNU Ad Revenue sharing {P4}

Don’t dull yourself lot of people already making more than 50,000 monthly on this program. {P5}

Another interesting about NNU income program is you don’t need a laptop or a high phone to start making money from it!{P6}

With just one small smartphone you are more than good to go! {P7}

Wait! Do you know by just posting status and commenting on other people’s status on Facebook you can earn yourself a lot of money! {P8}

Now you know you have been leaving a lot of money on the table this while!

But anyways that’s why am writing this guide not to be wasting your time!

I know a bunch of you have been hearing this nnu Income program and after hearing this what comes to your mind is to search for

  • nnu income opportunity {P9}
  • Nigeria news program {P10}
  • Nnu income program review {P11}
  • nnu registration {P12}
  • or nnu payment proof {P13}

whereas all that you need is this nnu income program  Review A to Z guide!

I don’t know how much you have been researching or surfing to get the truth about this nnu income program review but a bunch of craps full the internet just to get the commission from you and nothing much! {P14}

What I can just say is congratulation you finally get here!

Here we care about the crew!
Oops! Have promise not to waste your time!

Let get started!

Have I said that nnu is 100% legit program? {P1}

If yes anyways that’s it is very legit!

5Things YOU Must Have Know After Reading This Guide

Before going details you need to know that after reading this guide all through you must have know

  • Everything about nnu.ng program {P15}
  • That nnu.ng is a legit program 
  • The founder and when it was founded {P16}
  • How much you personally can make from the program {P17}
  • And a lot more!

Haven’t known that you also need to know that

NNU is not asking you to provide help or pairing you (Not a Ponzi Website) {P18}

Neither is it get quick rich program {P19}

NNU is a media platform that stands for Nigeria New  Update Just like naij.ng + Nairaland.com+ Get Paid! You get paid for using their website! {P20}

And income generated by nnu is generated from the adverts {P21}

Don’t get it twisted you work for your money! So, they are not giving free money {P22}

Finally, you only pay a one-time membership cheap fee! Of 1,600 (Compare to what you will earn monthly) {P23}

Tunde! Enough of all this talk…

Okay, the procedure is very simple like abc, just register from their official website here and purchase the nip pack and start updating and sharing stuff from your dashboard then gbam!!! Money straight to your bank account every month! {P24}

Ehh! Wait as the saying goes no food for lazy man nau!

But you will even find it very interesting if you are the facebook type or reading news site type! {P25}

I personally give nnu income program this slogan ‘A true reward for passion program’ {P26}

And if you are the type that always wants work from home job kindly check this 6 Easy Ways To Make Money From Home!

But wait!
Note: Have tested this program and am telling you its very awesome and impeccable {P27}

But as I do say anything that requires you to make money then you need to be very serious and take a calculated risk because anything money is risky! {P28}

But trust me nnu is a risk-free program.

HEEEEEY! Tunde I can’t wait to see the details (Reading your mind lol!)

Am introducing you to nnu income program review which is the secrete to that your friends that told you he/she is working online! He/she is earning more than 50,000 every month while doing the same thing you are doing just for pleasure (reading a Facebook feed, commenting on a status, posting status, and reading news) {P29}

NNI is a website for you to get all the latest Naija sports news, politics news, entertainment, tricks and tips and other trending news in Nigeria. {P30}

This website was founded by paul Samson! {P31}

But there is one quality of a leadership that Paul implement!

Guess that quality?

Hmm, I know you don’t want to!

Now let me tell you!

Help others To Help You! {P32}

He knows that everybody cannot know about this website as it is newly started

So he employs you and me to promote the website on our social media and also participate in the community and we get paid for doing just that! {P33}

Isn’t that awesome?

Just share posts, comment, write just like you do on nairaland and you get paid for doing just that!

4Some big bonus!

And do you know you have power over how much you budget to make on a daily basis? The more comments you made on posts, the more posts you share, the more posts you share the more money you earn and on the other side too the more money nnu.ng make. {P34}

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And some question coming to your mind now!


I know this is not a joke issue because there are a lot of scams out there that are making people scared of investing or joining any program! {P35}

But let me shock you with this!

The founder of this awesome program Paul Samson has a very good reputation online and he owns some impeccable sites like coolnaira.com and eboss.ng among others. {P36}

He always provides great ideas for Nigerians to make money especially online {P37}

This is a very awesome opportunity you must partake  {P38}

And am saying It again that nnu is super 100% legit.

Now the big deal of this nnu income program guide


As I have said this is just the true reward for passion and the best way to earn money online in 2018!

Even from the official website, they detailed these 5 ways you can earn money to your bank account every month and these are how you control your daily income!

Totally financial freedom …

  1. NAP: As an affiliate, you earn 62.5% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate in NIP, you earn N1,000 Naira from their entry fee/product purchase and becoming part of NNU Community. In the future when we will be having more valuable products, you will be earning more commission per sales. {P39}

NARS: As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part in NNU activities monthly. {P40}

  1. Active daily login: When you log in to your account daily on NNU browsing and reading news, you earn N50 or more depending on daily revenue share. {P41}
  1. Reading the post, Commenting and Contributing: When you browse each post, read and contribute your view by the comment, you earn from N2 and above on each post you commented depending on daily ad revenue. {P42}
  1. Posting Forum Topic: You earn N100 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that gets approved on the website. {P43}
  1. Sharing sponsored post on Facebook and Twitter: We assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline Twitter, you earn N100 Naira daily on the assigned post you share as recommended. {P44}
Click To Register On NNU >>
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We assign a particular post to members on a daily basis which we only pay for {P45}.  On pay day, your Facebook timeline will be reviewed to see if NNU assigned sponsored post is present on your timeline as recommended, we then calculate your eligibility and pay you including other activities and affiliate earning with our monthly revenue share. {P46}

Earning activities amount are not limited to the above mentioned, we do overall calculation monthly and share among all top active earners while we disburse payment on 27th – 30th or end of the month {P47}. So once you register and activate your account by purchasing NIP pack, you will need to edit your profile and provide your bank account details while you start taking part in NNU activities. In conclusion, You could be making more than N10,000 Naira daily when you are serious about taking part in NNU activities. {P48}

Your referral earning + Daily login earning + Commenting + sharing post on Facebook could earn you at least N50,000 Naira or more every month. {P49}

—-As impeccable said on nnu.ng.

Screenshot001_NNN income Program

2How to register for nnu income program ( A to Z simple follow up guide)

Step 1

Click here to register and fill the form! {P50}

Click To Register On NNU >>

Step 2

Now your part! You need to purchase NIP pack just 1,600. Off cuss there are a bunch of means to buy it depending on which one you like. You can buy it through your debit card directly online or just deposit or transfer to the bank account they provide there for you or finally through the coupon{P51}

Step 3

Boom! After successful payment and they have received notification your account will be approved! {P52}

Step 4

What else than you getting your self-entertained and at the same time earning buy just sharing posts, writing or commenting on posts. Eh eh eh have I made mention of this ‘ Don’t spam them with unreasonable comments or unrelated comments o! the site is legit so make yourself too legit! {P53}

Hey! UsefulTunde after all this is till need some information maybe where, how, which …..

Just comment below and I will respond in a few seconds!{P54}

But Let me tell you something!

Though that all for the guide

Am very sure nnu income program will earn you money and at the same time, it will consume your time! {P55}

That’s why I made mention if you are the type that loves reading the news or facebook type at the beginning of this guide! {P56}

If you this type this is just awesome like just normal thing because nnu.ng itself is news update website and a lot of juicy there! {P57}

But as you know that this is moneymakingcrew we specialize in bringing to you anything that will bring you money either online or offline.

We always have awesome articles like this 3 articles you can consider below {P58}

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You can check out the youtube version of this guide below too if you prefer video! {P59}

Any Questions? Like:

How can i get the coupon code to make payment now?

Am unable to register with there payment method so how will i contact them?

How to pay?

Which referral link should i use or what is your referral link or name? Yes Its ‘UsefulTunde’

Now i have successfully register! now what?

Yes i can answer all this question here 07065520338 (But Whatsapp Faster)

I really want you to take action now! {P60}

And for you that keep asking how can I make money online? This is another opportunity you are staring at o! {P61}

And for you, that which to join Money Making Crew or you think you have some great topic or articles you can write on money making strategy online or offline kindly contact UsefulTunde. {P62}


One sentence on cons of nnu income program Review ‘NNU INCOME PROGRAM is 100% legit, easy payment and no equipment needed except your phone and little internet. {P63}

One sentence on pros of nnu income program Review ! Noting good that did not have lacks ‘need to improve on their mobile responsiveness.’ {P64}

Click To Register On NNU >>
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Peace out…

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