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Sponsored Post: Is Racksterli Legit Or Scam – (All You Need To Know)


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Welcome MoneyMakingCrew, This is another opportunity just like Racksterly but well define and here to stay.

It is Racksterli, not Racksterly and now racksterli.com has learned from Racksterly mistake now here to stay and you will make a lot of money now from this platform.

A lot of people already receiving payment, You will see that in the payment proof section of this review.

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Let quickly know what is all about


About Racksterli

Racskterli.com is definitely a new system update in terms of Affiliate marketing , It offer you up to 58% Returns on Investment (ROI).. Which means you just need to subscribe to any Plan and get 58% ROI..


Racksterli is an affiliate marketing and networking platform that allows users harness the power of the net and allows earning from the comfort of your homes. 

They allows users earn passive income by suscribing to any of the packages on the platform to share sponsored adverts of corporate businesses and companies.

From the website to your Facebook timeline everyday, your earnings would be accumulated and you can only request cash out after 30 days.

Racksterli is legit


Is it a scam or Ponzi Scheme.?

The Answer is definitely NO..! ,

They have been in existence for 5months now and has numerous records of paid Members.

Raccksterli Review

in fact the Founder of rackaterli.com BlackGold, has built a solid background for racksterli , making investments into Real Estate, Gym House, Gadgets Store..

And lots more.


Note everybody find it easy to refer or find it comfortable to market…

Racksterli get you covered …

Daily earnings on each package is as follows

Standard- $1.9 × 30 = $57
Premium- $3.9 × 30 = $117
Platinum- $7.8 × 30 = $234
Gold- $15.6 × 30 = $468
Diamond- $39 × 30 = $1170
Ruby- $74.42 ×30 =$2232.6
Emerald- $148.25 ×30 =$4447.5

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How Racksterli Refering Systerm Works

Meanwhile to sky rocket your earnings,by refering you can sky rocket it and earn big..

By bringing people to the platform they reward you for each person you invite to join..

Such depends on your Subscribed Plan:

  • Standard- $3
  • Premium- $8
  • Platinum- $10.53
  • Gold- $11.85
  • Diamond- $13.16
  • Ruby- $15.7
  • Emerald- $18.4

You earn this amount for each person you bring to any of these package meanwhile they still pays you 58% returns on investment monthly.

They are into forex & real estate investment ✅

All you have to do is, just post their ads once daily on your Facebook account or WhatsApp.

This is not a money doubling platform or ponzi scheme ✅

Packages Available In Racsterli

Packages Available on racksterli.com

There are 7 packages,

  1. Standard:₦14,000
  2. Premium: ₦28,000
  3. Platinum:₦56,000
  4. Gold: ₦112,000
  5. Diamond: ₦280,000
  6. Ruby: ₦560,000
  7. Emerald: ₦1,120,000

All you have to do after registration is share one sponsored advert from their website to your Facebook or whatsapp for 30 days thats all.

At the end of thirty days on each package with the rate of 380 per dollar,you would have accumulated;

Standard- $57 (#21,660)
Premium- $117(#44,460)
Platinum- $234(#88,920)
Gold- $468(#177,840)
Diamond- $1170(#444,600)
Ruby- $2232.6(#848,388)
Emerald- $4447.5(#1,690,050)

Racksterli Payment Proof

There are lot of people that have been receiving payment from racksterli...

Racksterli.com payment proof

racksterly payments
racksterli payment proof

Racksterly website

official website is .com not .co like racksterly.. racksterli.com

Signup Or Registration

How do I sign up on Racksterli.com

Its quite Simple, choose the plan you are going for, Purchase it’s Coupon Code and Subscribe..

Step 1 : Purchase Coupon Code – Click Here Vendors
Step 2 : To Sign up and Subscribe – Click Here Racksterli.com

And fill necessary information include the coupon code you purchase…

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To make everything easy for you .. Its better you join team of those that have earn already from the program that know all the in and out of it..

Here you get Supports and Updates.

Just hit below and signup with our team on racksterli .

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Note.. This is a sponsored post… You can check MoneyMakingCrew review about Racksterli here

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