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Earn FREE $1.5 Over & Over Every 10 Min (Passive Income)


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This is another business idea we upload on our youtube channel. Video Above.

I am going to show you process on how to make $1.5 over & over completely autopilot and in passive income.

We are going to be using 3 different platforms together and another 4th platform to skyrocket your earnings even more.

In summary, what we will be doing is giving people giveaway lucky winners according to an affiliate company and we will be setting up autoresponder mail to reply to those that interested with our affiliate link.

And I will be showing you traffic source to get more traffic and who will be interested.

It will be in steps and we will start in the steps.

Step 1: Sign up to the affiliated Company

We will be making use of Offervualt.com

We will search for Giftcard reward giveaway offer and filter by CPA

CPA means Cost Per Action

earn free money

And they will be giving you $1.5 per person sign up for the giveaway.

There are other offers too some $1.2. Just choose anyone you like.

And apply to get the affiliate link and after that then let move to next step.

Step 2 : Register On Instagram And Create An Account

Go to Instagram.com and register an account or page and use a name like ‘Daily Giveaway’ or ‘Giftcard giveaway’ or anything like that.

After creating the page now search for pages related to giveaway and start following those that like any of the post in the Instagram account you searched.

Or you can follow those that follow them.

Now start posting stuff related to giveaway and put your newly created Gmail to send to confirm the giveaway.

The next step is about Gmail to create and how to set up an autoresponder.

If this step is not clear enough kindly watch the video for proper direction on how to go about it.

Step3; Gmail

Now create new Gmail

And the next is to set up autoresponder. Just click the gear icon at the top right side and click settings

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Go down to vacation mode and set it to start beginning of the month and end at the end of the month

So monthly you will be checking it

Write a simple heading on the vacation template heading mail.

Something like ‘Congratulations you are qualified for the gift card giveaway

in the body just put something like ‘ Congratulations once again to get the free gift card kindly click this link (That is your affiliate link) then save it.

That means any mail send to the Gmail autoresponder will respond to them with your link and per click and sign up you get $1.5 or depend on the offer you sign up for on offervualt.

Instagram is the traffic source but I have a bonus traffic source to get more link click ut kindly watch the full tutorial video to know how it works from beginning to end.

Note that you can use any other traffic source too. This is just a quick summary of the video

Thank you MoneyMakingCrew, See you on the next one

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