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All About Racksterly Latest Features


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All About Racksterly Latest Features Review. How to share in these new features and how to make even more money from it.

They have been rolling out new features that are making people (racksterlians) confuse and scared.

In these articles, I will show you how to share adverts and earn on the new racksterly update though not only to earn but also so that you will not lose your earnings.

You don’t only need these articles to know how to share advert now but also so that you will not lose your money

Though i know most of the moneymakingCREW already know what this platform is all about but if not just read the two reviews I made about racksterly

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Let get started with today writeup

In case you have not join this platform you can sign up here

How Lastest Features Works

Racksterly have been experiencing some difficulties lately base on so many people joining the program

But I think they have seen the end before even beginning

This update is on automatic earning within but most don’t understand it yet.

Just like facebook. They don’t do anything they just keep updating the platform for better user experience you and i are the ones updating it.

How To Post A free Advert On Racksterly

From the above latest racksterly dashboard. I know most find it easy to share a post on it and everyone love the features but careful using it.

From the above picture, you will just :

  • Write your heading,
  • Your phone number or link to direct your post to,
  • Attache your post or advert picture or video,
  • Then select post type.
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There are two options there at the post type after you have to click the pencil to write your post and just before the publish button.

There is static and also sharable.

Post free ads on racksterly

If you choose static that means you are posting a free advert or post.

But if you choose sharable that means you are posting paid advert they will charge you on your activity earnings. Note the new dashboard now have two balance the normal balance there your transaction like the money they pay you for ads sharing or the referring earnings

Now another balance introduced which is the activity balance here you use it to post paid ads and you can top that up too all this will be discussed in these articles…

How to post paid advert

Now it is very easy to post paid advert on racksterly not like before that you have to crete there business account now in same dashboard you can do the two.

Just like how you post the free ads or post above same goes to paid advert too. 

The only thing you will change is the post type just choose sharable 

publish paid ads on racksterly

That  means your post will have share button where you will be charged per share from your activity balance.

Yah! i know you are now getting idea on how to share advert with this new features

How To share Advert On New Update

This is the new dashboard below

Racksterly New Dashboard

People found it hard to share advert from this latest racksterly updates but right up there from the new dashboard you can share your advert.

From the stream section with lot of peoples updates and posts.

You will see a share button on some of the posts while most will not have a share button. Like the above don’t have a share button

Those with share button are the once you can share and earn from.

These are some examples of share advert to share and earn below…

racksterly share and earn for activity
racksterly share and earn

If all the post on the first page there is no share button there just click load more till you see the one with share button.

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That is the share button am talking about in the above picture!

And the rule still remains the same only one share per day.

After one share you will not see the share button on any post again even if you keep pressing load more till next day you will see the share button again.

Just like that

Now let me quickly show you more features on the latest dashboard and we are done for today racksterly article. And make sure you comment if this article is helpful or not and check out my review articles and other posts

How to fund or topup your activity balance or paid balance

This balance is where they charge you from when you post a paid advert or post.

racksterly activity topup

You can easily top this up if you have finished it by just clicking the top up in the picture below and input the amount and that’s all.

You don’t need this if you don’t want to post an advert.

Don’t forget to read my reviews either you have join racksterly or you have not joined the program.

Racksterly video
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That is all for now about racksterly new update features.

If you love this articles just leave thank you comment and i will reply to you as soon as possible.

MoneyMakingCrew.. See you in the comment section… Remember if its not making money it is not making sense…

That’s all about Racksterly new features review

You can click here to Sign up or register on racksterly here if you have not sign up


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  1. Is really helpful but since we were expiring difficulties from the site , am due for withdrawal but since yesterday there showing me processing … Will the still pay me since the withdrawal date has passed?


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